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Translation grants 2017

The results of the first round of applications for translation grants are now being sent out to the applicants. 27 mars 2017 This first round we got 141 applications for translations, and out of these 89 applications were approved and 6 applications were postponed to the next round.

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The cream of this season’s crop of novels and poetry, brilliant children’s books, exciting young adult books and innovative comics, and an in-depth article about Swedish literature prizes can all be found in the spring edition of New Swedish Books, which captures the most interesting tendencies and expressions in the Swedish literature of spring 2017.

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Translators, publishers and sub-agents with an interest in Swedish literature are now invited to apply for the Göteborg Book Fair Fellowship Programme 2017. The deadline for applications is May 4th.

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Sweden and the Nordic countries are eager to recognise their native authors through the awarding of literature prizes. The August Prize, the Nordic Council Literature Prize and the Catapult Award are only a few of the prizes that will be given out this year.

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We are looking forward to meeting you at the upcoming bookfairs in London and Bologna! Please don’t hesitate to stop by or contact us in advance for a meeting!

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Application deadlines 2017

Don’t forget to apply for our international literature grants: Literature projects, translation grants, travel grants, Gothenburg Book Fair Fellowship and more. These are the relevant deadlines and all information you need to know when applying.

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Lina Wolff Photo: Private

The August Prize - best Swedish books of 2016

The winners of this year’s August Prize, one of Sweden’s most prestigious literature awards, have been announced. The prize is awarded in three categories: fiction, non-fiction and children’s and young adult literature.

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Translation activities in 2016

It is exciting and rewarding to see that there is an active international conversation about the translation of Swedish literature, which would never be able to cross our country’s borders were it not for our outstanding translators!

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All about Swedish Poetry

This year, our chosen literary focus is poetry. Poetry as a genre is of central importance to the overall impression of a nation’s literary flora; often it is through poetry we first come into contact with literature from other countries.

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A record-breaking year for translation grants

International interest in Swedish literature is growing. 2016 saw a record number of applications for support for the translation of Swedish literature to other languages.

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Book Fairs in 2016

Angoulême, Leipzig, London, Prag and Frankfurt are some of the book fair locations we have visited during 2016. Here follows a report of our activities.


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Translation grants 2016

The third round of the Translation grants 2016 is now finished: out of the 124 applications that came in this time  we could approve 80, with a total sum of 1,7 million SEK. Among the books it’s worth mentioning are Jonas Hassen Khemiri’s book Allt jag inte minns, that this time is going to be published in five more languages, and Frida Nilsson’s Ishavspirater, to three more languages!

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Katarina Frostensson. Foto: Mats Bäcker

Swedish winner of the Nordic Council Literature Prize

The Nordic Council Literature Prize 2016 has been awarded to the Swedish poet Katarina Frostenson for her book Sånger och formler. (Wahlström & Widstrand 2015). Katarina Frostenson is a poet, prose writer, playwright and translator who since 1992 has occupied chair number 18 of the Swedish Academy.

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Apply for grants

Don’t forget to apply for our international literature grants: Literature projects, translation grants, travel grants, Gothenburg Book Fair Fellowship and more. These are the relevant deadlines and all information you need to know when applying.

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